Brand: Ravensburger (Game by Prospero Hall)
2 – 4 players (Age 12 and over)
Box size: 27 x 27 x 6.5cm
Contents: 1 double-sided game board, 1 shark mover, 2 boat movers, 3 crew movers, 16 shark ability cards, 16 resurface cards, 22 gear cards, 16 Amity event cards, 3 dice, 1 shark tracker pad, 4 character boards, 4 board clips, 8 boat tiles, 40 tokens & instructions
Dab Hand says: Jaws – a game of strategy and suspense – is inspired by Steven Spielberg’s classic 1975 film, which was based on Peter Benchley’s best-selling thriller. One player takes on the role of the killer shark, while the other 1-3 players take on the roles of Brody, Hooper and Quint to hunt the shark. Unlike many board games, it works for two players as well as a larger group of family or friends on a games night. There are two phases of play on a double-sided board. In Act 1 – Amity Island – the shark prowls through the waters attacking swimmers. Other player(s) try to pinpoint the shark’s location while also saving the tourists. In Act 2 – The Orca – Brody, Hooper and Quint are aboard the sinking ship engaging in a climactic battle against the shark. Click here for more photos and videos on the game – Ravensburger gives a playing time of 60 minutes. Or watch the Jaws film trailer  – see the movie and play the game before you go swimming!
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