Under Arrest (c1970s)


Used / Checked /Complete
Brand: Condor
2 players (Age 8 and over)
Box size: 39 x 30 x 5cm
Contents: 1 board, 1 spinner, 24 cutout figures and stands, 12 personal dossiers, 6 numbered top secret files, 3 spy cards, 3 secret plans, 12 exclamation mark cards
Dab Hand says: Under Arrest pits policemen against espionage men on the streets of London in this interesting game. If the three secret plans are discovered or the three spies arrested, then the Head of Scotland Yard wins. If the three spies escape, the Head of Espionage has won. This vintage game is 100% complete and in very good condition. The box is in good condition with some minor wear and tear around the corners and edges.
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