Wizzword (1977)


Used / Checked / Complete
Brand: MB Games
2 players (8 – Adult)
Box size: 49 x 25 x 5cm
Contents: 1 Game turntable, 2 Letter trays, 280 Letter tiles
Dab Hand says: Wizzword, “The fast moving, quick thinking word game” requires each player to unscramble their opponent’s anagram. Each player sets their word in scrambled form, the turntable is rotated and the race is on to unscramble their opponent’s word. The superb box image places this game firmly in the 1970s with fashion and hairstyles that may not come around again too soon. The contents are in very good condition and 100% complete as itemised on the box lid.  The box is in good condition with some colour deterioration and minor wear and tear around the corners and edges. Overall, this is an excellent example of this 1970s game.

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