Wasgij: Jigsaws with a Twist

Do you already love Wasgij jigsaws or are you yet to try them? Here’s some background on this hugely popular series of puzzles, including a few examples of our recent additions. Wasgij is of course jigsaw spelt backwards and is officially pronounced “Woz-gidge”.

The first Wasgij puzzles came to the market in 1997 with the aim of offering a new challenge – the puzzle you complete is NOT the picture on the box, you need to use your imagination and the clues provided to piece together the solution. Wasgijs grew steadily in popularity over the years and some older titles have been reissued recently in special “Retro” packaging.

Wasgij Original (and Christmas) titles
In the Original Wasgij concept you don’t puzzle what you see on the box, you puzzle what the characters in the scene are looking at. The jigsaw keeps you guessing until the very last minute. It’s usually best to start with the border and then work on larger areas of similar colours or patterns. The cartoon-style images add to the fun!

Wasgij Destiny titles
Puzzle what the future holds….what has changed and have the characters got older and wiser?! The background of the scene is in the same general proportions, giving you a few clues as you start putting the puzzle together.

Wasgij Mystery titles
Puzzle what happens next…the setting remains broadly the same but things have moved on a bit – usually to a scene of utter mayhem!

If you live in our home village Kelsall, we also stock a selection of Wasgijs in our Handy Jigsaws free loan service, including a 500 piece puzzle. A borrower commented: “A good Wasgij if you are looking for a quicker solution than 1000 pieces!”

Be warned – Wasgijs can be highly addictive!

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