A Typical British BBQ! – Wasgij Mystery 15 – 1000 pieces


Used / Checked / Complete / Donation (A. & J.P.)
Status: Available
Free Loan via Handy Jigsaws (Kelsall only)
Not for Sale
Brand: Jumbo
Puzzle size: H49 x W68cm
Dab Hand says: This is the 15th Wasgij “Mystery” puzzle. Everyone’s enjoying the usual trappings of a typical British barbecue but something is about to happen which will set of a chain reaction. You need to use the clues on the box and then envisage what the aftermath might look like to solve this puzzle. The artist is James Alexander.
You say: “Fun to puzzle what happens next. Vivid colours and patterns help you work out what goes where. Nice to use the photo only occasionally to have a rough idea of the scene.”