Puzzling Pastimes

Puzzling Pastimes: Cooking

The lack of opportunities to dine out in recent times has resulted in a surge in home cooking. While takeaways have remained an option, they were never going to entirely fill the void left by enforced pub and restaurant closures and with supermarkets capitalising on the situation, a recent Tesco survey found that 20% of Brits are cooking all meals from scratch, up from 12% before lockdown. With less time pressure, around 50% of respondents are also experimenting with different ingredients and 35% are making the effort to avoid food waste by thoughtfully using leftovers.

Whether you are an experienced cook or amongst those to have discovered your inner chef or if your culinary limit is cheesy beans, there should still be ample time to indulge in another most satisfying hobby…… puzzling. To whet your appetite before your next creation, we’ve pulled together a smorgasbord of cookery related jigsaws from our range of new, used and free to loan titles.

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Puzzling Pastimes: Trainspotting

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but Trainspotting is a remarkably popular pastime…… and you don’t necessarily need to wear an anorak to participate!! It generally involves many miles of travelling by train, then logging, photographing and filming trains and building up a wealth of knowledge about the network. Obviously, this is one of the multitude of hobbies that has been curtailed this year, so we thought we would suggest an alternative for frustrated spotters – jigsaws featuring trains.

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