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New Year Special Offer

The New Year is the perfect time to grab a bargain! Selected 1000 piece new jigsaws are now just £10! We also have great offers on new 636 piece and multi-box puzzles. We think there’s something for everyone in this selection, whether you like gardening, animals, toys, shopping, bingo, world travel, motorbikes, railways, caravanning or sailing!

636 piece panoramic puzzles are the same width as a 1000 piece jigsaw when complete but half the height, meaning less stretching. They are perfect for most coffee tables.

500 piece puzzles are a good choice if you have more limited space or would like an easier jigsaw. These multi-boxes offer great savings. If you’re choosing a gift, why not add a Puzzle Sorter too?

Contact us for orders and enquiries or call Delia on 07802 203617 or 01829 458259 to talk through our range. May we also take this opportunity to wish all our customers a very happy 2022.

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This offer is subject to availability.

Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is the perfect time for a jigsaw or traditional game. We’re now fully stocked and ready for the festive season! Contact us for orders and enquiries – we offer free local delivery or can post your purchases nationwide. If possible, we hope to see you at one of our Christmas markets and craft fairs.

New Christmas / Seasonal jigsaws or browse all new jigsaws

Pre-jigged Christmas / gift jigsaws
Jigsaws are an eco-friendly gift. They are made from recycled cardboard, need no batteries, and can be shared many times. Why not try one of our checked & complete used jigsaws? (If you live in our home village Kelsall, we’ve also stocked up our free Handy Jigsaws library!)

Prefer a non-Christmassy jigsaw? Browse our jigsaws by theme page to find one that suits your interests. This page has lots of tips on choosing a jigsaw too. Or why not add a puzzle accessory to your gift?

Games and stocking fillers
We have plenty of gift ideas for those who prefer games, including quirky playing cards and used games from yesteryear. Here are a few suggestions.

Contact us for orders and enquiries or call Delia on 07802 203617 or 01829 458259 to talk through our range and find the perfect gift. We always love to hear from you.

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Handy Jigsaws – spreading the news…..

Do you live in Kelsall and love jigsaws? Or perhaps you know someone in the village who loves to puzzle – maybe a friend, family member or neighbour? Did you know that Kelsall has its very own completely free jigsaw lending library? We’d love your help spreading the news.

We’ve been collecting jigsaws for many years and wanted to share them with our fellow villagers. Handy Jigsaws starting running in April 2020 and offers a regularly changing collection of up to 100 jigsaws in a variety of piece counts and sizes. We provide free doorstep delivery and collection in Kelsall.

Handy Jigsaws has exceeded our expectations but it’s likely we have not reached all Kelsall residents who may be interested, including those who lack internet access or who are new to our growing village. We use public noticeboards as well as social media posts to spread the news but the best way to reach people is at events or via good old-fashioned word of mouth! Whether you are an existing Handy Jigsaws puzzler or interested in finding out more, we hope to see you at the Societies, Clubs & Activities afternoon at Kelsall Community Centre, Sunday 17 October, 2pm-5pm.

We were thrilled to take part in the recent ‘Life in Kelsall During Lockdown’ exhibition of art, photography and craft at St. Philip’s Church. We contributed a hand-framed extract of a very special puzzle which was our “most wanted” title during lockdown. Maybe it was because it featured Cadbury’s chocolate! It was borrowed numerous times but was eventually “retired hurt”. No problem – we give incomplete jigsaws another life by using them for craft!

Handy Jigsaws Life in Lockdown Exhibition Kelsall St Philips Church October 2021

Lots of people tried jigsaws for the first time during lockdown and enjoyed the sense of calm and satisfaction that comes from completing them. Jigsaws have multiple physical and social benefits and are scientifically proven to be good for you – see this journal article. That’s why Handy Jigsaws is a long-term initiative for the village. We’d love to hear from you if you are interested in becoming one of our puzzlers or can help us spread the word.

See our Handy Jigsaws page for full information, including all our titles and ways to contact us.

Pre-Christmas Special Offer

Planning ahead? We have a pre-Christmas offer on selected brand new jigsaws. These prices are exclusively for customers in our local free delivery area – anywhere within 10 miles of our home village Kelsall, Cheshire.

This offer expired on Monday 25th October 2021. See these links to browse all our New Jigsaws | Used Jigsaws | Puzzle Accessories | New Games Used Games

£5 off selected 1000/500XL piece jigsaws – now just £8.50!
There’s something for everyone here, including Christmas crafts, toys, purr-fect cats, happy holidays, retail therapy and bingo.

Note: The “Mevagissey Harbour” jigsaw, featured in some social media posts, has now sold out.

£2.50 off selected 636 piece and 500 piece jigsaws – now just £8 and £7 respectively!
Dogs, birds and butterflies – these titles are perfect gifts for animal lovers.

£5 off selected 2×500 piece jigsaws – now just £10.50!
These great value titles are ideal for transport lovers. And for the ultimate present, how about adding a Puzzle Sorter – a perfect accessory for any jigsaw enthusiast. See all our accessories here.

Contact us for orders and enquiries.
Our local free delivery area is anywhere within 10 miles of our home village Kelsall (Cheshire) – read more. This limited time offer is subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other offer. It does not apply to our national customers but we offer low cost post & packaging – read more.

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Latest Additions: August 2021

We’ve added eight new 1000 piece Ravensburger jigsaws for your enjoyment over the summer. The first three titles are beautifully designed illustrations of plays by Shakespeare and classic fairy tales.

We also have jigsaws for those who love art, flowers, world travel and stately homes. Additionally, you’ll find a new 2×500 Christmas set – perhaps it’s worth planning ahead??

We were delighted to add Ravensburger to our suite of top brands recently. We are also official stockists of new puzzles and accessories from Gibsons and Jumbo (including the Falcon and Wasgij brands). In addition, we offer checked & complete used jigsaws from other leading brands.

Contact us for orders and enquiries
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Summer Holidays 2021

The school summer holidays are here – you’ll find lots of ideas on our website, whether you are going away for the first time in a while or staying local. We’ve just added some Ravensburger titles to our range of jigsaws for younger puzzlers – see below.

You’ll also find some very unusual children’s puzzles in our range of checked & complete used jigsaws. Children 10 years and over can enjoy 500 piece puzzles (12+ for a 1000 piece puzzle). The trick is to select an image that suits their interests or pick one together to complete as a family. Teenagers may enjoy one of our new “Escape Puzzles”. There’s lots of inspiration on our website or feel free to contact us. Just call 07803 203617 to talk through our range.

Accessories are worth considering – how about taking a foldaway puzzle board or a puzzle roll to a holiday cottage or hotel? A set of sorter trays will also make life easier – click here for our full range.

If you’re planning a camping holiday, we offer travel-sized games and quirky playing cards. It’s worth packing a pocket-sized card games instruction book too. Here are just a few examples – click here for all our new and used games.

After a day’s walking or cycling in the sunshine, we at Dab Hand love to unwind with a jigsaw or traditional game. It’s a great rainy day option too! Whatever you plan to do, we wish you a very relaxing summer.

Contact us for orders and enquiries (free local delivery)
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Latest Additions: Ravensburger – July 2021

We’re thrilled to announce that we are Ravensburger’s newest official stockist! This top quality brand offers a diverse mix of jigsaw styles and piece counts, there really is something for everyone. Our first selection of titles is especially for anyone who loves birds and butterflies.

We are delighted to add Ravensburger to our suite of top brands – look out for a selection of their children’s titles coming to our website very soon. We are also official stockists of new puzzles and accessories from Gibsons and Jumbo (including the Falcon and Wasgij brands).

Contact us for orders and enquiries
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Latest Additions – Used Jigsaws: June 2021

We’ve added a batch of quality checked & complete used jigsaws – why not grab yourself a bargain? Jigsaws are eco-friendly too – as well as modern titles we have some that are over 40 years old but still with plenty of life in them yet! If you are in our free delivery area we will drop them off on foot or by bike. When we post parcels we use recycled materials as far as possible.

Here’s a small selection of some of our titles or browse all used jigsaws.

Buy with confidence, knowing that our approved used puzzles have met our stringent quality standards.

Each puzzle is checked for piece count. This is not always the number stated on the box, e.g. Ravensburger’s 1000 piece jigsaws usually have 1008 pieces! We also check piece quality and we bag the main pieces and edge pieces in strong re-usable grip seal bags to keep the puzzle safe.
Choose your challenge:
Puzzle Dabbler – complete the border first
Puzzle Regular – mix both bags
Puzzle Master – hide the picture!

Contact us for orders and enquiries
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If you live in our home village Kelsall you may be interested to know that we’ve added some used jigsaws to our local lending library too – see Handy Jigsaws for more information.

Introducing Dissectology – the science of jigsaws

Are you a Dissectologist? You’re probably one if you’re reading this! And in the immortal words of Maureen Lipman in BT’s 1988 TV commercial – “If you’ve got an ‘ology’, you’re a scientist!” – watch it on Youtube

Welcome to a new series of bite-sized articles on the wonderful world of dissectology. Jigsaw puzzles, or Dissections as they were originally called, were invented by British cartographer John Spilsbury in the 1760s. He attached a map to wood and carved out the countries. These “dissected maps” were used to help teach geography. Jigsaw puzzles are now available in a huge range of materials and styles and are mainly completed for fun or for the satisfaction of a mission accomplished. If you have ever stayed up late in the night to put in “just one more piece”, you are probably a dissectologist!

John Spilsbury jigsaw "Europe divided into its kingdoms, etc." London, 1766, British Library (Creative Commons collection)
John Spilsbury “Europe divided into its kingdoms, etc.”, London, 1766 (British Library)

You may have seen our recent article on the various Wasgij puzzle styles. Our next article will be on the joys of circular puzzles and also look out for a review of puzzle piece terminology, including some of our own preferred terms for impressive manoeuvres when completing a tricky puzzle!

In a personal capacity as dedicated puzzlers, we are proud members of the Benevolent Confraternity of Dissectologists, a UK based society for jigsaw followers. This friendly club holds regular meetings (Zoom presentations & Flickr groups in recent times). It’s a great way to see examples of fabulous wooden jigsaws from yesteryear as well as modern creations. Membership is just £12 per household per annum (at the time of writing) – well worth it!

We welcome your views on all things related to Dissectology – please don’t hesitate to email us or call 07803 203617 or 01829 458259. We’d also love to see you on Facebook or Instagram.

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2021

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday 20th June. We have lots of gift ideas for every kind of father figure in your life — dads, grandads, step-dads, or anyone who has taken on that role. We offer free local delivery (within 10 miles of our home village Kelsall) or we can post your present along with your special message.

Searching for the perfect puzzle? 1000 piece jigsaws are always popular but some new puzzlers or older dads may prefer smaller piece counts. 636 piece panoramic format jigsaws mean less stretching. Extra large piece jigsaws are ideal for those with sight or handling difficulties. See more tips on choosing a jigsaw.

Here’s a small selection or browse all new jigsaws

Dads love to have all the right kit – a jigsaw accessory may be just the ticket!

Our 3 in 1 Games Set is the ultimate luxury travel accessory for the Great British Staycation. Or how about Dominoes 6×6 or one of our sets of quirky playing cards – you may want to add a little card games book. We also stock checked & complete used games, including some vintage ones!

Contact us for orders and enquiries.
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