Handy Jigsaws – new year, new pastime

We’ve added lots of new titles to our free jigsaw library for Kelsall residents. I’m sure our regular borrowers will make the most of the new additions but new puzzlers are also very welcome. New hobbies always make the shortlist for new year’s resolutions, so if it’s on your list, why not impress your friends and tell them you’ve become a dissectologist (the posh name for a jigsaw enthusiast). Most hobbies involve some expenditure but this service is entirely free and ticks lots of boxes for stress reduction and relaxation. After a busy day, why not pour yourself a glass and indulge yourself in the tranquility of puzzling. We have a diverse range of jigsaw images as well as different piece counts and sizes so there’s something to suit all tastes.

See Handy Jigsaws to access the service and browse all our titles including latest additions. We deliver and collect from your doorstep and we can also talk through our range with those without internet access.

Here’s a small selection from our recent additions:

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