Bunnies – 30 pieces


Used / Checked / Complete
Brand: Victory
Puzzle size: H23 x W18cm
Dab Hand says: This charming vintage wooden puzzle in Victory’s L.P.3. Series features a bunny ice cream seller and his bunny customers in a wildflower meadow. While the rabbits indulge themselves, a blue tit looks on enviously in the foreground. Originally intended for children aged 3 to 5, it is now collectable for all ages. The jigsaw puzzle is in generally good condition and 100% complete. The box is in acceptable condition with some significant wear and tear but still useable. Overall, this is a good example of this rare jigsaw. G.J. Hayter & Co. Ltd made jigsaw puzzles in Bournemouth (England) from the 1920s, branding them “Victory”. These puzzles represented a significant part of British wooden jigsaw production in the early to late twentieth century. Spear & Sons Ltd bought out the firm in 1970. The exact date of this jigsaw is not known but it pre-dates that deal.
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