Catching Wedding Fever! – Wasgij Original 29 – 1000 pieces


Used / Checked / Complete / Donation (Mrs A.B.)
Status: Available
Free Loan via Handy Jigsaws (Kelsall only)
Not for Sale
Brand: Jumbo
Puzzle size: H49 x W68cm
Box size: 27 x 37 x 6cm
Dab Hand says: This is the 29th Wasgij “Original” puzzle. The wedding reception is in full swing and it’s time for the bride to throw her bouquet. Try to imagine you are the groom or one of the startled guests – what you see? This is the image you need to puzzle. As always, there will be plenty of humorous detail to enjoy in the finished cartoon. A couple of hints are included with the jigsaw. The artist is Neil Easton.