Eastgate, Chester, Cheshire – 1000 pieces


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Brand: WHSmith
Puzzle size: H49 x W68.5cm
Dab Hand says: Chester emerged as a Roman fortress town called Deva Victrix – or simply Deva – around AD 75 and Eastgate stands on the original site of one of its defensive gates. The existing gateway dates from 1768 and is built from sandstone. The Eastgate Clock – one of the most photographed in the world – was added in 1899 to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee two years earlier. Due to its muted watercolours this jigsaw from WHSmith’s “About Britain” series is a significant challenge but well worth the effort when complete. The artist is Philip Martin.
You say: “A real challenge but great fun.”
You say: “Good quality puzzle but requires patience as there are lots of similar colours! End result is a beautiful reminder of Chester.”