Four Sight (1975)


Used / Checked / Complete
Brand: Invicta
2 players
Box size: 17 x 35 x 3cm
Contents: Playing board, 4 key plates, 16 square tablets, instructions (on box base)
Dab Hand says: Four Sight, ‘a game where success is the power of awareness’ requires each player to outwit their opponent by being the first to place their key plate over the playing board to reveal 3 of their own tablets and 1 of their opponents. The game is by the original producers of the popular Mastermind game with the box featuring typically 1970s artwork and graphics. The contents are in very good condition and 100% complete as itemised in the instructions. The box is in acceptable condition with some obvious and significant wear but still useable. Overall, this is a good example of this vintage game.

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