Jaques Original Happy Families Card Game


Brand: Gibsons
3 or more players (Age 5+)
Box size: 9.2 x 6 x 1.8cm
Contents: 44 picture cards, grouped into 11 sets of 4
Dab Hand says: This Pepys Series collecting game is faithful to the original illustrations commissioned by the games manufacturer John Jaques of London from John Tenniel, later Sir John, the chief cartoonist of Punch. The game was shown at the Great Exhibition in 1851 and was an instant success. The cards show family members and job types, e.g. Miss Bun the Baker’s Daughter. The object of the game is to collect whole families. All cards are dealt as equally as possible and the first player (on the dealer’s left) asks for a certain card. The player must already hold one of that family and asks just one other player. If the other player does not have the card it is then their turn to ask. If they do have the card, they have to pass it to the first player, who can ask again. The winner is the first player to group all their cards into sets of 4.
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