Jig-Map – Australia – 331 pieces


Used / Checked / Complete
Brand: Waddingtons
Puzzle size: H46.5 x W60cm
Box size: 20.5 x 26.5 x 3.5cm
Dab Hand says: This Shaped Jig-Map with Place-Name Quiz: Australia (Waddington’s Stock Number 565) is one of a series of similar puzzles featuring countries and continents. This colourful map features kangaroos, a flying doctor, Sydney Harbour Bridge and much more. The final challenge is to place the individual city name pieces into their correct locations on the jigmap. It was produced by John Waddington & Co who were founded in 1905 and originally specialised in playing cards before starting jigsaw production in the mid-1930s. The jigsaw puzzle is in very good condition and is 100% complete, including the 16 name-plates which make up the total piece count of 331. The box is in good condition.
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