Lemonade Stand – 500 pieces


Checked / Complete / Donation (Mrs E.S.-W.)
Status: Available
Free Loan via Handy Jigsaws (Kelsall only)
Not for Sale
Brand: Bits and Pieces
Puzzle size: H46 x W61cm
Dab Hand says: Enterprising youngsters have set up a lemonade stall outside their house in Citrus Lane. A passer-by is delighted to buy an ice-cold drink for 10 cents. The local birds, rabbits and other animals are also enjoying the summery weather.  This colourful jigsaw is from Bits and Pieces, a puzzle brand from the USA. Although not labelled an “XL” puzzle, the pieces are generously sized and intricately shaped. The painting is by Sandy Rusinko, a Western and Wildlife artist from Colorado.
You say: “I enjoyed the different shapes of the pieces for a change, also the style of the picture.”