Pictionary (1985 – first edition)


Used / Checked/ Complete
Brand: Parker
3 – 16 players (Age 12 – Adult)
Box size: 47 x 17 x 8cm
Contents: Game board, one-minute timer, 500 word cards, die, 4 playing tokens, 4 category cards, 4 pads of paper, 4 pencils
Dab Hand says: Pictionary, “The Game of Quick Draw” is based on the word-guessing party game, Charades. Each game board move and chosen card dictates the type of picture to be drawn with teams advancing when they have correctly guessed their partner’s word. The first player to land on the final square and guess correctly wins. The contents of this 1985 first edition game are like new and 100% complete. The box is in very good condition with some minor wear on the corners. Overall, this is an excellent example of this 1980s game.
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