Piecing Together – Shopping Basket – 40 large pieces


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Brand: Gibsons
Puzzle size: H20.5 x W28.5cm  (approx H8in x W11in)
Dab Hand says: Piecing Together is a special collection designed by Gibsons – in association with Age UK – for those with limited fine motor skills and visual impairments. The images are designed to be age-appropriate for adults, yet accessible for all. These jigsaws are designed to evoke memories and spark conversation and can be enjoyed by adults living with Dementia or cognitive impairment or by anyone who finds a standard jigsaw puzzle challenging. The pieces are colourful, sturdy and easy to handle and the jigsaw can be completed within the box. This example showing memories of grocery trips and household brands has 40 pieces which are each (including tabs) about 5cm (2in) square. The images are from the Robert Opie Collection.
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