Safari Surprise! – Wasgij Original 31 – 1000 pieces


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Brand: Jumbo
Puzzle size: H49 x W68cm
Dab Hand says: This is the 31st Wasgij “Original” puzzle. It looks like Wasgij Wildlife Tours have over-booked this trip and things haven’t quite gone “Safari, So Good”. The mixed expressions of the tourists don’t reveal too much, but it’s clear from the driver’s face and the wide-eyed creatures on the ground that something is approaching at speed. The ostrich adopts his customary approach of burying his head in the sand. Use your imagination to assemble this puzzle and guess at what is causing such consternation. A couple of hints are included with the puzzle. The artist is James Alexander.
You say: “Nice picture!”
You say: “Quite an easy Wasgij puzzle as although you have no idea what the picture is going to be, there are lots of colour blocks which make it easier to put together. Fun.”