Scrabble Puzzle – ‘The End of The Game’ – 625 pieces


Used / Checked / Complete
Brand: Tinderbox Games
Puzzle size: H45 x W45cm
Box size: 25.5 x 25.5 x 4.5cm
Dab Hand says: This is a very unusual spin on the classic game of Scrabble from Spears Games. You can just complete the puzzle if you wish – see the gallery photo for the image. The items around the board represent the words which have been played so far – some of them are quite obscure! The tiles on the racks are blanked out on the box but once you have completed the puzzle, you can see the letters and play the final moves to see if you can win the game.  Instructions and the final solution are included. The game is suitable for one or more puzzlers or players aged 10 years and over.
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