The Bizarre Bookshop – 1000 pieces (On Loan – due 15/10/21)


Used / Checked / Complete / Donation (Mrs L.H.)
Status: ON LOAN
Free Loan via Handy Jigsaws (Kelsall only)
Not for Sale
Brand: Ravensburger
Puzzle size: H49.7 x W69.9cm
Dab Hand says: Most of us like to escape with a either a good book or a good jigsaw. This puzzle lets you do both! The artist Colin Thompson has created a treasure trove of wacky books including “One Flew Over the Snooker Rest”, “Much Ado about Knitting” and “The Spy who came in with a Cold”. Part of the fun of this jigsaw is identifying all the original titles that inspired the contents of these shelves.
You say: “Bizarre Bookshop was hard!”