The First Men on the Moon – about 125 pieces


Used / Checked / Complete
Brand: Victory
Puzzle size: H20 x W25cm
Dab Hand says: This hand cut wooden jigsaw depicts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin taking samples from the moon’s surface in front of the lunar landing craft with the earth looming large in the background. The jigsaw puzzle is in Victory’s Topical Series, No TP3, Article No. 7004. Listed as approximately 125 pieces, it actually has 132. The jigsaw is in very good condition and 100% complete. The box is in acceptable condition with some obvious and significant wear but still useable. Overall, this is a good example of this vintage jigsaw. G.J. Hayter & Co. Ltd made jigsaw puzzles in Bournemouth (England) from the 1920s, branding them “Victory”. These puzzles represented a significant part of British wooden jigsaw production in the early to late twentieth century. Spear & Sons Ltd bought out the firm in 1970 and their name is included on the box.

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