The Workhorse – 1000 pieces


Brand: Ravensburger
Puzzle size: H50 x W70cm
Box size: 27 x 37 x 5.5cm
Dab Hand says: This puzzle celebrates the history and contribution of tractors, the workhorses of the farming industry. The Fordson Model N helped turn thousands of acres over to food production during the 1940s, and was later replaced by the E27N (main central image). There’s also the Ferguson TE20 (top left), famed for its hydraulic three-point hitch system which set the international standard for tractors that has remained to this day. William Morris (famous for Morris cars) introduced the Nuffield Universal at the 1948 Smithfield Agricultural Show, and the M3 version (top right) was used for row crop work and is shown here with a front mounted coverer. The artist is Trevor Mitchell.
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