Home Improvements! – Wasgij Original 9 – 500 pieces (On Loan – due 14/10/21)


Used / Checked / Complete / Donation (Mrs E.S-W.)
Status: ON LOAN
Free Loan via Handy Jigsaws (Kelsall only)
Not for Sale
Brand: Jumbo
Puzzle size: H35 x W49cm
Dab Hand says: This is the ninth Wasgij “Original” puzzle. A TV crew are filming a home makeover.  Forced grins and horrified expressions as the “lucky” family witness the result but what can the goldfish in the bowl see of the scene? The children like it! A couple of hints are included with the puzzle. If you are new to Wasgij jigsaws, this 500 piece puzzle is a great starting point. The artist is Graham Thompson.
You say: “A good Wasgij if you are looking for a quicker solution than 1000 pieces!”