Laurel & Hardy Annual No 1 (1972)


Used / Checked / Complete
Brand: Larry Harmon
Publisher: Brown Watson Ltd, London (no ISBN)
Book size: H27 x W20 x D2cm
Dab Hand says: This is the first annual based on the 1960s Laurel & Hardy animated TV series. Larry Harman (aka American entertainer Bozo the Clown) had purchased the merchandising rights to the likenesses of Laurel & Hardy before producing the cartoon series (in which he provides the voice of Stan Laurel) and subsequently the series of annuals. This first edition features comic strips of stories such as ‘Laurel & Hardy in the Treasure House’ and ‘Laurel & Hardy in Private Detectives’. The book is in acceptable condition with obvious wear and ink on a maze puzzle on one page but otherwise intact.

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